E-Messenger True Story - October 2001

Good friends keeping in touch

People change jobs and move often, but what stays constant are the bonds of friendship that can form at places of employment. When a workday stretches from 9-10 hours, the people you work with can become like family. But as people moved on, this group of employees began to lose touch. That is when they had the idea to build a Web site to connect with each other. "It has become our unofficial paperless newsletter".

The focus has switched from when it started as a humorous, fun novelty, to a way they share information. The site has been used to network for new jobs, share whereabouts of colleagues, and in light of recent events -- mourn those lives lost in the tragedies. With features such as the Guest Book, the members have been able to keep up their strong sense of camaraderie. www.msccg.homestead.com

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