Our prayers are with you and your family.  Your spirit lives deep within all of us and you will be sorely missed.
Constantine 'Gus' Economos
Jan 5, 1960 - Sep 11, 2001
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In Memoriam
The following tribute was submitted by Amber Maimone,

On the day of Sept. 11,2001, my dad gave his friend Gus a call,
Saying, "Get out of the building - the smoke is one Big Ball."
Gus said, "Don't worry Bob, everything is okay,"
Obviously not, because he is not here today.
My dad only has the love for his friend, not the power,
To get him out of that tall dangerous tower.
He was a devoted worker who would not leave,
Now we are left here, to do nothing but grieve.
I never met such a funny carefree guy in my life,
Blessed with two lovely children and a beautiful wife.
He was all fun and games - even at work,
But he needed his coffee for that extra perk.
He and Gary made my mom laugh everyday,
By doing what they did best - call her on three-way.
He would even prank me daily at my job,
Saying, "I want to tan but I am a big fat slob."
All he did was make everyone laugh,
And even led Gary in the right path.
He changed many lives in so may ways,
I cannot even begin to remember all those days.
I sometimes say to myself - "Was it his time to go?"
He was supposed to finish his roof, coach his kid's football games, do his duty at the church, be here to make us all laugh, and most of all come home from work............
Whether he is here physically or not,
Gus will always hold a special place in my heart.

R.I.P. 9-11-01 Amber Maimone