You look good ...You look less wrinkly today. 
- GAmari
I'm So Hungry.  I'm So Tired.  I'm Full.  I'm Freezing.  I'm Thirsty.
- PBrignola
Actual quote overheard on MS CCG Trading Desk -
   "What State is Tokyo In ?"
- New Hire Opening an Account on ACUA.- 1991
In Response to the above....
I'm So Hungry that I'm Full.
- EViti
I've had the pleasure of visiting your country MANY times. 
- ETedeschi
Go Scratch !  
             - JEANNE

Nothin' But Light !

Have A Nice Easter !

You Should See Me.......
All of  'Youse, Get A Life !  Stop Living Your Lives Through Me ! 
- TTanacredi
Sinatra was playing in the background, the fireplace was lit, we had a bottle of Chardonnay, and we were lying nude on a bearskin rug.....but the mood just wasn't right.
- TTanacredi (describing a recent date)
"How can you guys mess that up !  It's simple clearing.  Simple clearing! "
                       - Therese Faber from E.A. Moos & Co.

"If it's so simple, clear it yourself."  - EViti

"If you want to be mad, be mad !"