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Week of: October 8, 2001
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Oct 10, 2001 - New York - A Memorial will be held for our dear friend and colleague, Constantine 'Gus' Economos.  Gus is survived by his wife Audrey, two children Con and Katharine, his parents Mr. & Mrs Leon Economos, Brother Andy and Sister Olga.  Details for the Memorial services are listed below:

Sunday, October 14th  4:00 p.m.
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church
8401 Ridge Boulevard
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 11209

In lieu of flowers, contributions for the Economos children can be made to:

Gus Economos Memorial Trust Fund
c/o John Nikolaou
Bank of America
101 S Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28255
Mail Code: NC1-002-LL-05

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In Memoriam of Gus Economos
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Memorial for Gus Economos
God Bless America
God Bless America
A Message to Friends and Colleagues -

Sept. 14, 2001 - As we all wait and hope for the best possible outcome for our friends and their families during this very difficult time, I'd like to share the website links that have been made recently made public.  In addition, please feel free to post any thoughts, comments or feelings in the guestbook.  Like many of you, I anxiously await for any glimmer of hope to surface.  Although we are all on different career paths in different parts of the city, state, & country; we still reflect on some of the many memorable times we've shared with one another.  Several alumnus have expressed that MSCCG represented the happiest times of their careers and doubt that such a group could ever be replicated anywhere.  They share anecdotes of some of the fond memories they've had with this family away from home.  Some individuals often describe the 'closeness' that still endures to this day as abnormal. Perhaps this 'abnormality' is what keeps all of us close in both times of happiness and sorrow, just like with any other family. 

As we all hope and pray for the best, in closing I would like to say with all due respect...Godspeed.

MSCCG Alumni Homepage

In Memoriam of Gus Economos

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