St. Peter looks down, and sure enough says "Economos/Gus - arrival date  9/11."

They begin to wonder where he could be, when this angel comes in looking a little lost. His wings are a little skewed, and he is tugging nervously at his robe.

God looks at him and asks " Are you Gus Economos ? " 

The angel replies "Yes I am. "

God and St. Peter look quizzically and say "everyone is here;  we're waiting for you.
What was the problem ? "

The angel said sheepishly, "I wanted to come, but was stuck in this hospital."

God looks a little perplexed and asks,
"Hospital, what is it ?"

The angel looked at him and replied calmly
"God, that's a big buildiing where sick people go, but that's not important now."

- submitted by 'A Friend'

Contributions for the Economos children can be made to:

Gus Economos Memorial Trust Fund
c/o John Nikolaou
Bank of America
101 S Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28255
Mail Code: NC1-002-LL-05

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In Memoriam of Gus Economos
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Memorial Service for Gus
Oct 14, 2001 - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - As many as 1,000 friends and family members paid their respects at a Memorial for Constantine 'Gus' Economos at the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church.  The standing room only crowd included familiar faces from MS, BoA, SOP, as well as Gus' former colleagues from Fahnstock where he originally started his Wall St. career.  Even Debbie Bicanic, originally  from Rothschild Securities made a special trip from the windy city to attend the services presided by his Eminence, the Archbishop.  A series of readings and prayers in Greek and English by the clergy was followed by a eulogy prepared by Gus'  wife Audrey which was read by a church parish council member.  The services which lasted nearly one and a half hours had attendees standing shoulder to shoulder down the aisles, into the vestibule spilling over the steps of the church onto the sidewalk.  The turnout was representative of the impact that Gus had on each of us; how often he'd make us laugh and make many of us enjoy coming to work each day.  During the service, Gus' life was described not as a short life, but rather a condensed life, where Gus lived each day to the fullest; fueled by several cups of coffee each day.  For those of you who knew Gus well, you will appreciate the following taste of humor that was recently submitted for this publication:

So, God and St. Peter were very tired after checking everyone in on that tragic day.

God says to St. Peter, "check your figures, we're missing one."

Paying Homage
God Bless America
God Bless America
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'Quote of the Year'

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Until you fully understand "Gustomer Service" you will never truly be "Great".

Please share your favorite Gus Quote or Gus story either by e-mail at or on the Guestbook.  A compilation of the memories will be put together on this website for all of us to share in the laughter for years to come.  Gus' spirit lives on.

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